Community Christian College offers a commuter-based rather than a residential educational program. It is the clear objective of the college to provide educationally purposeful, high quality programs and services conducive to “whole- person” development, both in and out of the classroom.

Testing for First-Year Students
The College requires English and Math placement testing for all incoming students.  These tests will be administered during testing days at the College, usually in the month preceding each quarter.  Those who do not meet the standard will be referred for developmental classes.

All-Student Orientation
The purpose of Orientation is to prepare students for the upcoming school quarter academically, socially and spiritually. Typically scheduled for the week prior to the beginning of each term, orientation includes an introduction to both the academic and student life aspects of the College and provides for interaction with faculty, staff, the librarian, and continuing students. College services, policies, and procedures are covered.  Attendance is mandatory.

  • Academics
  • Work and Finances
  • Social and Family
  • Personal Spiritual Growth and Church/Ministry Involvement

Counseling Services
The College provides confidential personal counseling for issues of adjustment, relationships and personality development. These issues are primarily handled by the Dean of Students.  Group and individual work in communication skills, stress management, and goal setting are handled routinely. Referrals for special problems are made to specialists as needed.

Chapel Program
A program of worship and spiritual nurture is built into the structure of the College to underscore and augment its Christian character. Before each class period, a devotional is given by the Instructor or one of the students to begin each meeting time with a Biblical emphasis. Each evening class time also has an extended chapel program once per quarter.  Guest speakers for these chapels are chosen from across the broad denominational spectrum to enrich the experience of the College community. Attendance and participation by students and faculty are voluntary but strongly encouraged.

Learning Resources
The College has an onsite library with holdings of over 10,000 volumes, including a standard array of basic reference works.

In addition, by special written agreement with the Armacost Library of the University of Redlands, the College’s students have full access to its book and audiovisual collections, more than 650 online databases, and over 1800 periodical resources, including borrowing privileges, for a yearly fee.

Co-Curricular Activities
The College sponsors occasional events, both recreational and in the fine/performing arts, to enhance the experience of the College community. In addition, each quarter there are Bible studies and special activities available to students.  Opportunities are provided for students to exercise leadership in organizing events of their own choosing. Students enjoy the hospitality of administrators, faculty members, and board members as these people share their lives and experience with students on an informal basis.

Student Employment
The College has gained a reputation as a desirable source from which prospective employers can draw capable and reliable personnel. Typically, students have maintained excellent work records and rapport with employers.

A student’s workload should not detract from his/her academic progress and achievement.

Christian Life Expectations
As a Christian institution, Community Christian College happily and enthusiastically embraces the Bible as the authoritative guide for the conduct of life and recognizes that its prescriptions for attitude and behavior mark out the path to true happiness and successful living.  Therefore, the College calls on all within its community, including its students, to conduct themselves in conformity with the biblical injunctions which define a godly life.  Positively and most comprehensively, this is understood as a call to devote one’s whole life to the worship of God and service in His Kingdom.  It is also understood that this call requires of the College community the avoidance of activities and behaviors which the Bible clearly condemns as contributing to an ungodly life.

Since the College is not a residential community, generally it does not presume to govern or supervise its students’ off-campus lives. However, some basic regulations must apply to the conduct of students while present at official College functions of any kind. The use of alcohol and tobacco products is prohibited, as are the use or possession of illegal drugs.  The use or possession of illegal drugs, which are not physician authorized, is forbidden.  In the event of a drug related incident, immediate disciplinary action will be taken, including reporting to the local authorities.  The required Health Science course comprehensively addresses drug prevention.  For further information, see the Student Handbook or the policy statement on drug prevention.

In order to protect the integrity of the College as a Christian learning environment, there may be instances in which the College will reserve the right to enter into disciplinary proceedings (up to and including dismissal from the College) with students whose off-campus lives are seriously inconsistent with major biblical injunctions which define godly life. The College’s complete position on these matters is set out in The Code of Conduct contained in the Student Handbook.

Student Health
The College does not provide health services to students, although the connection between good health and good academic and personal functioning is seen as vital. The College provides information to interested individuals on student health insurance plans and assists students with validating their enrollment status for the purposes of eligibility for family insurance plans.

The school also has a Student Safety Plan which provides students with escorted safety to their cars at night by Community Christian College safety personnel.  The plan includes posted emergency procedures should such a need arise.