Diploma in Early Childhood Education

The primary mission of the Early Childhood Education Program is to instruct students to such competency levels that they are qualified for initial employment and career advancement in the field of preschool education.  This program is designed to promote high ethical and education standards.

Program Learning Outcomes:

  1. Provide basic skill to teach preschool children

  2. Establish an awareness of Title 22 regulations regarding child care centers and the availability of resources

  3. Perform all tasks associated with the operation of a child care center in a safe and effective manner

  4. Fulfill the role of child supervision in a professional manner

  5. Relate to other workers, parents, and volunteers appropriately and professionally

  6. Perform duties related to nutrition, housekeeping, health, and safety

  7. Devise plans and implement procedures to accommodate play, rest, eating, toileting, and individual attention throughout the preschool day.


ECE 101: Introduction to Child Development (4.5)
ECE 102: Introduction to ECE Curricula (4.5)
ECE 103: The Home, School and Community (4.5)
ECE 104: Hands-on Curricula and Environments (4.5)
ECE 105: Infant and Toddler Development (4.5)

Select one of the following electives:

ECE 106: Child Care Center Supervision and Administration (4.5)
ECE 107: Child Care Provider Practicum (4.5)

 proposed course offering

Fall Term 2

  • ECE 102

  • ECE 105

Winter Term 1

  • ECE 101

  • ECE 102

  • ECE 103

Winter Term 2

  • ECE 104

  • ECE 105