Associate of arts with a concentration in Business Administration

The Associate of Arts with a Concentration in Business Administration program will lay a solid academic foundation for those who desire to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in any field of Business from a four-year university, at only a fraction of the cost.

This program prepares individuals to understand and apply business principles in diverse career settings and to gain a perspective on how contemporary business operates. Students will grasp an understanding of the buying, selling and productions of goods and services; general management, leadership and motivation strategies, basic and managerial economic, accounting, communication, and biblical principles of Business. Students will be given the knowledge and skill necessary to understand the biblical, and changing global and domestic business environment and prepare students for success in their professional careers.  Students will be given the tools needed to have a competitive advantage in today’s business environment and the motivation to pursue their dream of being a business owner.

Program Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this program of study, students will be able to:

1.    Present and discuss the fundamental, biblical and contemporary business theories, concepts and practices.  
2.    Evaluate the economic, legal and ethical issues impacting businesses today and the implications they have on decision making.
3.    Explain, evaluate and apply basic accounting, economic and marketing principles.
4.    Address and evaluate the complex social, managerial and leadership issues in business today using effective oral and written communication.
5.    Identify, analyze and solve business problems using critical evaluation skills
6.    The motivation to pursue a business career or entrepreneurship.  
7.    Develop critical thinking skills required for a transfer in business administration, international business, accounting, economics, management, human resources or entrepreneurship.


Accounting 201:  Financial Accounting Principles (4.5)
Biology 201: Introduction to Biology I (4.5)
Biology 201L: Biology Laboratory I (1.5)
Business 101:  Introduction to Business (4.5)
Business 110:  Business Economics (4.5)
Business 120:  Business Law and Ethics (4.5)
Business 125:  Business Communications (4.5)
College Forum 101: College Thinking and Learning I (4.5)
College Forum 201: Self-Discovery and Life Planning (1.5)
Computer Information Science 101:  Introduction to Computer Information Systems (4.5)
English 101: Freshman Composition: Expository Writing (4.5)
Mathematics 201:  Business Statistics (4.5)
Philosophy 201: Introduction to Philosophy (4.5)
Religious Studies 101: Introduction to the History and Literature of the Old Testament (4.5)
Religious Studies 105: Introduction to the History and Literature of the New Testament (4.5)
Religious Studies 210: Introduction to Christian Thought and Contemporary Issues (4.5)

Business Electives:
Business 140:  Marketing Principles (4.5)
Business 150:  Business Management Principles (4.5)
Business 160:  Global Strategies (International Business) (4.5)
Business 170:  Human Resources Management (4.5)
Business 180:  Entrepreneurship (4.5)
Business 190:  Business as a Mission (Business & Ministry (4.5)