Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts with a Emphasis in Bible and Theology

Program Description:

The Associate of Arts with a Concentration in Bible and Theology is designed to integrate an introductory level of Bible and Theology courses with a wide span of liberal arts courses for a comprehensive approach in preparing students for higher education and/or ministry in a variety of contexts. Students will be introduced to the rigor of academic discipline, will immerse themselves in the studies of arts and sciences from a Christian perspective, will more narrowly focus on biblical and theological studies, and will apply their knowledge to life and ministry. In addition to the liberal arts courses offered at Community Christian College, students will survey the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, engage in methods of interpreting the Bible, assimilate the branches of systematic theology, apply biblical principles to counseling situations, practice methods of defending the faith, hone skills in preaching, and appreciate the history of the church.

Learning Outcomes:

Bible and Theology Students will:
1.    Become familiar and gain core competencies in liberal arts education;
2.    Appreciate and mature in the rich heritage of Christian intellectual traditions;
3.    Construct their convictions about thinking biblically and Christianly about all areas of life;
4.    Define and employ biblical and theological jargon in appropriate contexts;
5.    Proactively construct cases of reasonable and persuasive arguments in evangelistic, apologetic and missional contexts based upon sound biblical exegesis;
6.    Evaluate and dismantle arguments that are contrary to historical and biblical orthodoxy and Christian worldview; and
7.    Develop in their Christian character for personal growth and for meeting biblical qualifications for the ministry.


Biology 201: Introduction to Biology I (4.5)
Biology 201L: Biology Laboratory I (1.5)
College Forum 101: College Thinking and Learning I (4.5)
College Forum 201: Self-Discovery and Life Planning (1.5)
Computer Information Science 101:  Introduction to Computer Information Systems (4.5)
Mathematics 101: Introduction to College Algebra (4.5)
Philosophy 201: Introduction to Philosophy (4.5)
Psychology 102: Introduction to Psychology and Biblical Counseling (4.5)
Political Science 205: Introduction to U.S. Government (4.5)
Religious Studies 101: Introduction to the History and Literature of the Old Testament (4.5)
Religious Studies 105: Introduction to the History and Literature of the New Testament (4.5)
Religious Studies 201: Introduction to Systematic Theology (4.5)
Religious Studies 205: Introduction to Apologetics (4.5)
Religious Studies 210: Introduction to Christian Thought and Contemporary Issues (4.5)
Religious Studies 215 (Communications 211): Homiletics (4.5)
Religious Studies 217: Methods of Biblical Interpretation (4.5)
Religious Studies 223: Foundations of Christian Missions (4.5)
Sociology 201: Introduction to Sociology (4.5) [in class/online]