According to our mission, Community Christian College is a community of Christian scholarship committed to shaping lives and transforming culture. We believe that those who teach and learn in this community are called to be co-workers with Christ in subjecting all cultural activities to the reign of God, and that genuine education must involve the whole person as a thinking, feeling, and believing creature.

Community Christian College’s philosophy is that the Federal Work Study Program (FWS) is an extension of the College’s commitment to the student’s total development, providing a productive learning experience for all student employees.

The Community Christian College Financial Aid Office is dedicated to promoting all aspects of work for its students. Beyond the obvious benefits of providing funds to meet student’s daily expenses, the work experience can frequently provide the following:

  1. vital preparation for a career or career decision–making

  2. excellent training in time management

  3. development of useful skills and awareness of future personal and occupational interest, and

  4. advantage (in future job seeking) over applicants who have little or no part-time employment experience.

The number of students who can be employed under the FWS Program during any given fiscal year is contingent upon the level of funding authorized by the federal government. In addition, students must comply with the federal eligibility rules to be considered for the work-study program offered by the Financial Aid Office. A federally-approved “needs analysis” (Free Application for Federal Student Aid-FAFSA) is used in establishing a student’s eligibility in the FWS Program. Students must indicate on their FAFSA application, their interest in the Federal Work Study program.

Jobs under the FWS program are open only to students who have gone through the formal financial aid process and have proven that they have a financial need for job assistance. Under this program, the federal government pays a portion of the student’s wages. The amount is allocated to the Financial Aid Office at the beginning of the fiscal year.

Jobs are open to students who are enrolled at least half-time. If authorized by the Financial Aid Office, students may remain in the program with a minimum of 4.5 quarter credits of enrollment.

Work-study awardees and student workers are employed on campus and off-campus. They perform many duties specific to that office or one of our off-campus community employment sites.

For further information regarding the employment of students at Community Christian College please contact the Financial Aid Office at