Community Christian College is able to offer a high-quality private college education through the efficiencies built into the program: no costly additional programs such as music or athletics, a unified curriculum with elective courses, and primarily adjunct faculty members. Because of these factors, our tuition for full-time students is one-third the cost of the tuition charged by the average private college.

Textbook and Supplies

Tuition does not cover the cost of books and other instructional materials. Typically, textbooks cost between $175.00 and $300.00 per quarter. Students are responsible for obtaining the proper books for each class. At least four weeks prior to the beginning of each quarter, registered students will receive a book list which includes titles, authors, publishers, and ISBN numbers for all courses for that quarter. This list will also include a wide range of book sites on the Internet so that students may search for the best possible price for each book. The list is also posted on the College's web site.

Methods of Payment

All monies due are to be paid in U.S. dollars, and checks are to be drawn on or through a U.S. bank. Tuition payment may be made in one of four ways:

In full, for a full year, at the time of registration.
In full, for a full quarter, at the time of registration.
According to financial payment arrangements made with the College Business Office, which can be on a monthly basis.
VISA or MasterCard.


  •  Per unit charge for courses $133.33
  •  Audit Fee, single course (no college credit) $100.00

*Our high school tuition is significantly reduced. Please call our office for more information: (909) 794-1084.


  •  Application Fee (one-time, non-refundable) $25.00
  •  Quarterly Student Fee (Full-time) $200.00
  •  Graduation Fee $100.00
  •  Lab Fee $300.00
  •  Add/Drop Fee (per course) $25.00
  •  Withdrawal Fee (per coruse) $25.00


Additional cost, depending on the course ~ $300.00

Refund of Tuition

A refund of tuition (either full or partial) will be made only if the student has paid the full tuition for a given period of instruction (a year or quarter) in advance. A full refund will be made of all tuition paid if the student officially withdraws on or before the first day of instruction of the period for which full tuition has been paid in advance.

After the first day of instruction, a partial refund of the current quarter's prepaid tuition will be made on a straight pro rata basis (based on clock hours of instruction) for the "unused" portion of the quarter up through the end of the sixth week of instruction (60% of the 11-week quarter). No refund will be given after the sixth week.

Further, an administrative charge of $100.00 will be deducted from any refund amount. Thus, for example, a student who has paid in advance for a full quarter (assume pre-payment of full tuition, with 3% discount for prepayment of $3200.00) and who withdraws at the end of the fifth week of instruction (50% of the quarter's instruction) will receive a refund of 50% of the prepaid tuition less $100, yielding a refund of $1404.00.

A student who prepays tuition for an entire academic year and who withdraws at some point in the year will have all tuition refunded for any quarter which has not yet begun (less the administrative fee of $100), and if a quarter of instruction has already begun for such a student, then any refund of that quarter's tuition will conform to the policy set forth in the two preceding paragraphs.

Students who are paying their tuition on a monthly basis will receive no refund upon withdrawal, regardless what part of the month the withdrawal becomes official.

Financial Aid Return Policy

Withdrawal from the College (all classes) during any period of enrollment, whether official or unofficial, may necessitate the return of federal and state financial aid.

Pursuant to federal regulations (CFR 668.22), a refund calculation will be performed to determine the amount, if any, of Title IV aid (Pell Grant, SEOG, Stafford loans, Cal Grant) earned by the student for their attendance up to the date of withdrawal. The percentage of Title IV aid to be returned is equal to the number of calendar days remaining in the quarter divided by the number of calendar days in the quarter. Scheduled breaks of more than four consecutive days are excluded.

If any funds are to be returned after the return of Title IV aid, they will be used to repay Community Christian College funds, state funds, other private sources, and the student in proportion to the amount received from each non-federal source as long as there was no unpaid balance at the time of withdrawal. If there was an unpaid balance, then all aid sources will be repaid before any funds are returned to the student.

NOTE: If prior to withdrawing, funds were released to a student because of a credit balance on the student‚s account, the student may be required to repay some of the federal or state funds upon withdrawing.