A full, well-rounded education best equips a Christian for a life of service to Jesus Christ, the church and society. A broad and integrated understanding ofthe world, cultivated withinthe context of Christian faith, bestenables students' development as successful and effective men and women.

Thus, we believe it is essential for students to have some genuine understanding of basic areas of knowledge such as history, literature, the natural sciences, psychology, theology, and sociology. These and other subjects are the "liberal arts." These traditional fields of learning focus on understanding:  (1) the physical world, (2) what it means to be human, and (3) what it means for humans to live together in society.

The liberal arts are the studies which liberate the individual. They provide the basic knowledge and intellectual skills to help students become "freely" functioning beings; ones who think for themselves and who are capable of lifelong learning, discovery and re-education. As such, our liberal arts curriculum focuses on general knowledge and general intellectual skills such as careful, critical, and analytical thinking, reading, writing, and speaking. This comprehensive, holistic approach to learning, taking place within the context of deep Christian faith, results in an experience which truly nurtures our students' souls and intellects.

How may a liberal arts education fit into your plans?

Four-year colleges and universities typically divide their Bachelor's degree programs into two parts, (1) General Education requirements and (2) the student's major. A major is a sequence of courses in one specific field, taken in the student's junior and senior years (making them "upper division courses").  These courses provide the student with specialized knowledge of a chosen field, for example, biology, business or psychology. On the other hand, general education requirements lead the student to take a wide variety of introductory courses in different fields in the freshman and sophomore years (making them "lower division courses"), promoting a broad education.

Community Christian College's Associate of Arts degree program in Liberal Arts has been designed to provide the general education most students need to graduate with a Bachelor's degree from most four-year colleges and universities.  We offer a two-year program of courses which provides a foundational liberal arts education. Furthermore, the program is intended to satisfy all or nearly all of the lower-division general education requirements at most four-year colleges and universities.

(Under Academic Policies, following, see Transfer of Community Christian College Credits to Other Institutions,for important qualifications.)

What are the distinctive features of Community Christian College?

  • Small classes: Approximately 20 or fewer students per class - providing a personal and nurturing setting for learning.
  • A highly trained and experienced faculty:  All instructors have at least a Master's degree, and many have two Master'sdegrees or a Doctoral degree.  The great majority have teaching experience at other colleges and universities.
  • Two-year curriculum:  The College's program of courses provides an excellent education while allowing maximum flexibility to transfer to four-year colleges and universities.