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A.A. Liberal Arts Emphasis in QA

The QA program is a project-based program which teaches the principles of quality management to reduce waste, eliminate unnecessary costs, and add customer value to significant operations. The QA program teaches data based analysis and team decision making in day to day practices for process improvement. Perhaps most important,  instead of traditional term paper and abstract exams, the course capstone requires a measurable process improvement at a sponsor or employer from every students as individuals or in teams. Put simply—no results-no graduation.

There are two options by which a company might achieve a Return in Tuition Investment (ROI)  through collaboration with CCC. Option A would be to provide CCC tuition to the CCC QA program. Student projects would be completed at a company and  benefit financially from process efficiencies achieved by student projects . Option B would provide through CCC a stand-alone six-sigma program Green Belt or Black Belt)  which company employees would attend on site, form small teams, and complete designated projects. As the implementer of such programs for twenty-five years for sponsors such as Pratt-Whitney, US Coast Guard, Raytheon and Blue Cross-Blue Shield, I can attest that the average ROI from project results averages a minimum of 10:1.

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Dr. Robert R. Baattryn-Gee
VP Commercial Services Division
Professor Quality Assurance

mobile: 305-434-0277