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Community Christian College Athletics


Community Christian College is in the process of forming an athletics program.  Currently, we are working on fielding a team in the National Club Football Association (NCFA) East Coast regions for the Summer Quarter in June 2018.  By Summer of 2019, the teams will be located in the Southern California areas.  

Currently, we are looking for athletes in the following field:

  • Football

If you are interested, we will need for you to make direct contact with:

  • Pastor David Litsey
  • Office: 909-343-1806

Psalm 119:105 Your word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path

If you wish to get started right away, please complete the following information sheet and send to Pastor David Litsey:

Sport program questionnaire 



Sometimes young people need more time to mature, and for many reasons, ranging from academic problems, such as poor study habits and learning disabilities, family and personal issues, to lack of playing experience athletically.  It is at these times in which they need our love, support and assistance to finding “The Lords” pathway to success. Community Christian College Athletics is being developed to do just this, to keep them on Gods path and headed toward bigger and greater things that GOD has selected for each of them. We aspired to provide our student-athletes the opportunity to achieve in life.

I am honored that Christ has blessed me with this wonderful opportunity, to build a Christian based athletic department, and the chance to work with great people, in a fantastic community.

David Litsey